Highlights and Major Projects

Ethics Newsletter clipping1960s LogoCoates landed major El Paso Natural Gas projects in Oregon and Washington and 300 miles of pipeline in New Mexico for Rio Grande Gas Corporation.

AT&T signed over two more cable projects: 200 miles in Illinois and 100 miles in Indiana.  

Radio Corporation contracted with Coates to provide a cost study on 300 miles of overhead wire construction in Georgia and the Carolinas.

Western Slopes Gas Company hired Coates to do title search and acquire right of way on 200 miles of natural gas lines in western Colorado.

Turn on ceremonies are held for Colorado’s “Pipeline in the Sky.” The 240-mile high pressure gas pipe was possibly the highest in the world.  It crossed the Continental Divide three times.  

AT&T assigned Coates to acquire right of way for 2000 miles of buried cable from Missouri to California.

A new contract has been negotiated with OG&E, calling for Coates to provide all acquisition in connection with a new EHV line to be constructed along with several other utility companies, in the Tennessee Valley Authority Power Swap.

Coates agents began acquisition on Colonial Pipeline’s 2600-mile pipeline. The pipeline began in Houston and ended in New York Harbor. This is the largest project Coates has undertaken.

A new job with Ashland Oil and Refining Company (Kentucky) involves Coates buying oil and gas leases.  This was a new service that Coates offers the oil and gas industry.

Coates landed the first Pacific Gas & Electric contract--acquisition and appraisal for electric transmission lines in 47 northern California counties.

Coates agents were hard at work on the $45 million Lake Ontario water project in Onondaga County, New York, which will transmit 36 million gallons of water a day into the metropolitan system.

The Kansas City Times features a photo of the installation of a Cities Service Gas Company pipeline underneath the Missouri River.  The concrete encased steel pipe crossed the river over easements acquired by Coates.

Consumers Power Company (Michigan) announced plans to build one of the nation’s largest nuclear power plants on the shore of Lake Michigan. Coates acquired right of way for the project.

Coates acquired 750 properties for the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority.  The projects include revitalization of residential areas, downtown and a major medical center complex.

Public Service announced that approximately 170 miles of 345,000 volt transmission line will be constructed in New Hampshire as part of the company’s role in the New England-wide “Big 11 Powerloop” program. Coates is retained to assist in the purchase of right of way.

John J. Coates, Jr. joined Coates Field Service, Inc. on a full-time basis as Company Attorney and Secretary.

The City of Anchorage contracted with Coates to negotiate for easements to replace the sewage system destroyed by the 1964 earthquake.

Gulf Interstate Engineering Company hired Coates for acquisition of 1700 miles of pipeline, originating in the Gulf to various stations throughout the Midwest.

For the first time on a major project, Arkansas Power & Light used a helicopter to provide an aerial lift for installation of transmission line towers.  The project is part of a 450-mile transmission project. A total of 209 aluminum towers, weighing an average of 2.5 tons each were handled by the helicopter, which could do in six working days what used to take three months.  Coates handled the procurement of right of way for this project.

Coates handled acquisition of navigation easement options or entry permits for obstruction removal near the approach of Runway 20L, DeKalb-Peachtree Airport, Atlanta, Ga.
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