Highlights and Major Projects

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A new service for Coates--an aesthetics, environment and feasibility study of a 400-mile, 345 KV transmission line for Tucson Gas and Electric Co. whereby Coates located four alternate routes for the client’s consideration to determine the most acceptable routing from Farmington, NM to Tucson, AZ.

Coates participated in a challenging assignment--the acquisition of approximately 100 microwave sites for the Nebraska Consolidated Communications Corporation.  The sites were located in 13 states had to be acquired in a less than two months.

CoatesThe Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education contracted with Coates to acquire microwave sites for an educational TV system.

Coates began acquiring 400 miles for Tucson Gas and Electric Company’s 345 KV electric transmission line.  The line crossed Navajo and Zuni lands and required extensive archeological studies.

John J. Coates, Jr. was named President of Coates Field Service, Inc. by the Board of Directors.

Coates is awarded a new contract by United Video, Inc. of Tulsa, OK, to acquire a microwave system, involving the acquisition of 90 sites extending from Illinois to Texas.  

Dome Petroleum, Ltd., Canada, selected Coates to acquire 1250 miles of right of way in the U.S. for a liquid hydrocarbon pipeline.  The route of the proposed 16” pipeline extended from the Saskatchewan-North Dakota border through North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and part of Michigan to Sarnia, Ontario.  

Two electric transmission line projects are currently in progress in New York for Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation and Consolidated Edison Company.

New clients included United Natural Gas Company, Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Company, South Central Arkansas Electric Corporation, Mobil Oil Corporation, Ohio Edison Company, Lone Star Gas Company and East Ascension Telephone Company.  

Yvonne Emrick, secretary for Coates’ San Diego field office opened a package of supplies from the Oklahoma City office and discovered a three foot long snake.  Investigation by the Postal Inspector revealed that the package had gotten crushed, had been rewrapped by the postal service and the snake sneaked into the package sometime before the rewrapping.  It was a fine specimen of a Rubber Boa, native to northern California, and was given to the San Diego Zoo.

Coates was the successful bidder for mapping and title work on a pipeline project from Beaumont, Texas, to Cushing, Okla.  The client company is Texoma Pipe Line Company, jointly owned by Kerr-McGee, Sun Oil, Western Crude Oil and some other undisclosed companies.  This is a significant project because it is a joint venture between an independent engineering company and an independent land acquisition company.

The Lower Colorado River Authority project was announced.  This project involved the acquisition of a coal fired power generating plant and cooling water reservoir site.  A field office was established in LaGrange, Texas.  In addition to the usual acquisition duties, Coates will also arrange to relocate a pipeline, an electric transmission line, a state highway, and several cemeteries.

The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company project involved a 100-mile underground communication system, with the installation of an L-5 coaxial cable.  The line crossed earthquake fault lines, mountains, valleys, citrus groves, vineyards, avocado and macadamia nut farms, cattle ranches, newly developed subdivisions, resort areas, irrigation districts, and commercial clay and gravel deposits.  The area is divided up from old Spanish land grants.  The first phase of the route paralleled the Butterfield Stage Route.  Two Indian reservations were crossed, in addition to the Miramar Naval Air Station.  

Coates was awarded a contract from Amoco Pipeline Company, a new client.  The project involved the optioning of right of way at major rivers on a proposed products line in Alabama.

Coates signed an agreement with Consolidated Edison of New York and opens an office in Kingston, NY. Coates prepared abstracts for each parcel contained in the 3000-acre site, appraised each parcel and obtained access for Con Ed.

Northern Plains Natural Gas Company contracts with Coates for acquisition of right of way on a project from the Canadian border through various states--809 miles.
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