Highlights and Major Projects

Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation inked a deal with Coates to provide general right of way services throughout Transco’s operating area.

ARCO Pipe Line Company contracted Coates to conduct title search, easement preparation and acquisition for a 418-mile CO2 pipeline running from Sheep Mountain, Colorado, to Seminole, Texas.

1980sCoates provided acquisition and damage settlement for Provident Energy Company’s 205-mile, 16-inch crude oil pipeline, running from a point near Kingman, AZ, to Mobile, AZ.

Magic Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc., a new client, contracted with Coates to do appraisal, title search, document preparation and right of way acquisition for a 70-mile, 138 KV transmission line.

Cities Service Company, longtime Coates client, is purchased by Occidental Petroleum Company, which sold many of Cities’ existing pipeline and related facilities to other corporate utilities.  Those sales required that easement rights as well as fee lands be assigned to the new owners, and that documents transferring those rights be prepared and filed of record in each county.  There were well over 30,000 files to be reviewed, and documents prepared for all, so Cities calls upon Coates to furnish personnel to assist with this huge task.

Amoco Production Company breaks ground for its $300 million carbon dioxide tertiary recovery program in Texas. Coates assisted in acquisition for this project.

Coates joined forces with Black & Veatch, consulting engineers, on a AT&T-Central lightguide telecommunications project from Anaheim, California, to El Paso, Texas.  

Coates entered into an agreement with the City of Lake Ozark, Missouri, to handle a variety of tasks--title search, document preparation and acquisition for the city’s sanitary sewer collection system.  

Coates began work on the City of Maryville (Missouri) Mozingo Creek Watershed Project.  This project created a 1001-acre lake, minimized sheet erosion on 15,487 acres, minimized gully erosion on 8400 acres, minimized road and stream erosion on 11.3 miles of structures, developed 200 acres of inland wetlands habitat, reforested 100 acres, provided water storage capacity to the City of Maryville 34 times its previous capacity and involved 41 properties within the project take-line.  Coates handled all acquisition and relocation.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Houston selected Coates to prepare a detailed Real Estate Procedures Manual for real property acquisition

Coates was awarded a contract from AT&T for a 1650-mile Central Lightguide Cable System Project, which will extend from the Colorado/Nebraska state line to Sacramento, California. Field offices were established in Santa Rosa and Rancho Cordova, California; Denver, Colorado, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Reno, Nevada.

San Joaquin Valley PipelineCoates participated in Shell Oil Company’s proposed 257-mile San Joaquin Valley Pipe Line Project.  The pipeline would transport crude oil from Kern County to Shell’s Martinez Refinery.  The pipeline would allow Shell to ship 100,000 barrels a day from its wells in southern California for refining in Martinez.

Coates was selected by Chevron Pipe Line Company to provide project management for the Mesquite Product Pipeline Replacement Project. 28 agents walked the right of way with Chevron engineers, tracked county land records and landowners, researched title, purchased easements, settled damages and provided support to Chevron attorneys handling condemnation cases.  Coates agents gained a great deal of experience in all phases of pipeline work, working out of field offices in Fort Worth, Wortham, Big Sandy, Corsicana and Weatherford, Texas.  Chevron employees, mostly Californians, learned a great deal about snakes, barbecue, the Texas two-step and beer drinking.

Coates entered into an agreement with Reclamation District 1000, Sacramento, California.  Coates was responsible for project management, preparation of a relocation plan, acquisition and coordination of the survey and mapping and easement appraisals for the Sacramento Area Levee Restoration Project.

Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation received its long awaited response from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission authorizing them to proceed with their Capacity Restoration Program.  Coates, along with Texas Eastern employees and members of other service companies, contacted all the landowners and prepared them for the upcoming noise and confusion.  Texas Eastern replaced a 238-mile segment of pipeline in Pennsylvania, involving thousands of landowners who were impacted by the tasks of moving dirt, rock and antiquated pipe, and then the widening of the ditch to accept the 36-inch pipe.  Each agent was assigned 100 parcels each, walking and flying the system, and evaluating and documenting the expected impact on each owner.  Agents encountered swimming pools, tennis courts, a Japanese garden, parking lots, thousands of dollars worth of ornamental shrubbery and landscaping, orchards, and Amish farms with complex irrigation systems.  One of the most complicated permits to secure was to cross the Susquehanna River, which is a prime breeding area for the North American Shad.

Reclamation District 1000 of Sacramento, California, contracted with Coates for project management, relocation planning, acquisition and coordination of survey/mapping for the Sacramento Area Levee Restoration Project.  The project consisted of reconstructing 31 miles of levee along both sides of the Sacramento River north and south from the conflux with the American River.

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