Document Supervisor

Overview of Duties:

  • Supervises and directs the work of Document Analyst(s) and Clerical Assistant(s)
  • Organizes project files and documents
  • Develops project database and oversees generation of reports
  • Prepares matrixes and spreadsheets for various reports and presentations
  • Assists Right of Way Supervisor and Title Supervisor with document related issues
  • Attends meetings to report on project progress
  • Assembles and audits files at project close

Specialized Skills/Knowledge Required:

  • In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, Project and PowerPoint
  • Ability to supervise Document Analysts and Clerical Assistants working on a variety of tasks in order to meet milestones, deadlines and budgets
  • Knowledge of land and right of way acquisition processes and documentation
  • Knowledge of proper legal document execution practices, such as what signatures are required for trusts, conservatorships, guardianships, estates, etc.
  • Knowledge of due diligence review of right of way files and understanding of assignability and reversionary clauses, restrictions, fractional ownerships, lease payments and terms, abandonment clauses
  • Ability to plot metes and bounds descriptions of property and read a variety of maps, electronic and paper
The Document Supervisor must have substantial experience and education in land and right of way acquisition processes and the various documents that are required during each phase of an acquisition project. The Document Supervisor must also be proficient in several software programs and also have the ability to learn custom programs provided by clients. This requires ongoing, continuing education due to constant program updates and changes. Document Supervisors attend appropriate courses held by the International Right of Way Association, universities and technical institutes.

Document Supervisors typically have backgrounds as office managers, attorneys, landmen, computer technicians and real estate sales agents. This position requires the ability to communicate at a high level, understand complex processes, make decisions independently, mediate and resolve personnel issues and present detailed information during management meetings. They must also possess supervisory skills and be adept at managing a staff of diverse personalities working on compressed schedules under demanding conditions.

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