Electric Transmission Scope of Services

Electric TransmissionComputerized Records and Reports

Coates has developed software programs to meet electric companies' particular needs. Coates can generate progress reports, ownership lists, acquisition records, budget forecasts and other data that can be transferred to the client's permanent right of way records. Coates has assisted many clients in developing efficient database programs to update title information, locate and identify encroachments, note new subdivision locations or extract key information from old documents and satisfy Internal Revenue Service reporting requirements.

Coates can provide right-of-way analysis services, extrapolating and interpreting information and entering data into the client's mainframe.

Negotiation and Acquisition

Coates' goal is to obtain a satisfactory settlement, based on a valuation in the best interest of the client and the property owner. The client's price schedules are strictly observed.

Coates Right of Way Agents conduct negotiations professionally, tactfully and efficiently. All contact is documented and becomes a part of the permanent records. Coates Agents are available whenever and wherever landowners can be met. Some landowners are approached only through an attorney or other representative. Coates Agents will negotiate through any intermediary in order to reach an agreement.

All Coates Agents are carefully screened and selected for each project. Whenever possible, Agents are assigned to areas where they have previously lived or worked so that they are familiar with the geography and population. For electrical transmission projects, experienced Agents are selected who can address the particular technical and safety issues associated with power projects.

Coates agents are also experienced in acquiring the necessary rights to install fiber optic equipment on exisiting transmission towers.

Title Search and Title Curative

Coates Title Specialists can provide current surface ownership, mineral interests, encumbrances and complete chains of title. Each county, parish or other political subdivision in each state may have different systems of recording and indexing land documents and transactions. Coates Title Specialists are familiar with these systems and can conduct manual or electronic research.

Coates prepares title reports that reveal the source of current ownership, kind of conveyance and an accurate description of the land conveyed. Coates can determine mineral interests, current lease holders, expiration dates of leases of record and encumbrances such as mortgages, liens and judgments. Coates can also provide complete title curative work.


After ownership of the involved properties is determined, Coates Right of Way Agents contact the owners to obtain permission to enter the property for any and all preliminary project inspections. These include environmental inspections and tests, archaeological studies, ground and biological surveys, etc.


Coates employs experienced appraisers to determine fair market value, using the latest available information to support accurate cost estimates. They use the approved appraisal formula of income approach, replacement cost and comparable sales, combined with current market trends, to establish fair value.

Coates' capabilities include raw land, commercial, industrial and residential properties and appraising linear miles of right-of-way for mortgage and sale purposes.

Coates can also supervise or coordinate efforts with subcontracted Appraisers by assisting them in obtaining recorded information or contacting landowners to assure clients that deadlines are met.

Route Selection Assistance

By interpreting aerial photographs, topographical maps and right-of-way plans, Coates employees can assist the client and design engineers in selecting routes that are cost effective and environmentally sound. Coates can detect desirable and undesirable areas of terrain and recognize problem areas of acquisition that could involve time consuming and expensive negotiations. Coates employees are skilled at working with engineering, survey and construction personnel during route investigation and are familiar with the technical aspects of electrical transmission line installation.

When alternate route studies are required, Coates employees exercise extreme care to select the preferred route. Historical and archaeological areas are crucial in route selection and unless these areas are identified and properly located, much preliminary work can be wasted. Coates employees are respectful of both the land and the landowners.

Coordination of Survey, Mapping and Engineering

Coates has associated with design engineering and survey companies across the United States and maintains files on preferred surveyors and engineers who provide accurate, cost-efficient and timely service. Coates has coordinated many projects with surveyors and engineers to assure that survey permission has been obtained and that survey restrictions are documented and observed. Coates works closely with engineers to provide quality control, assuring that legal descriptions and maps are consistent and error free.

Environmental Services

Coates can assist the client with due diligence environmental assessments of real property by researching the chain of title and obtaining records from governmental agencies. Coates personnel are adept at interviewing landowners and their neighbors to determine past use of the land. Coates also works with environmental testing companies to assure that environmental concerns are addressed and that public safety is given priority.

Preparation of Legal Descriptions

Coates has the technical capabilities to prepare mathematical computations of land areas, write land descriptions, draft plot plans sheets including all associated materials and conduct field investigations of land conditions. The resulting document pinpoints the right-of-way take area and assures that the legal description is complete, accurate and correct.

Construction Liaison and Damage Settlements

The ability to successfully satisfy claims against a client can result in substantial savings in time and money. Coates Agents assess the damage factors and arrive at an acceptable settlement, avoiding adverse publicity and negative feelings. The Agents act as liaison between the property owner, survey teams, construction crews and cleanup personnel. The positive relationship developed between Coates Agents and the property owners can significantly reduce potential damage settlements and enhance public opinion of an electrical transmission project.

Coates Agents realize that the period between the time of the alleged damage and settlement of the claim is most critical, so prompt and courteous attention is given each case. Coates Agents investigate all charges, land or crop damage, restoration and replacement costs and any other aspects of a claim. They evaluate these items and present their findings to the client. The Agents negotiate damage settlements and process the necessary documents and payments in accordance with the client's instructions.

This service is available before, during and after construction and for specific and unusual claims.

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