Field Right of Way Supervisor

Overview of Duties:

  • Responsible for management and supervision of field office staff and operations
  • Maintains bank accounts for project and field office, reviews deposits, withdrawals and other transactions
  • Represents client at public meetings, regulatory hearings and other presentations relating to the project
  • Reviews and evaluates the work of all field office staff
  • Mediates and resolves issues that arise between landowners, agents, client, subcontractors
  • Assists Right of Way Agents by making calls on resistant property owners and/or complex ownerships and their representatives
  • Assures that project progress reports are prepared accurately and on schedule
  • Monitors project budget and prepares forecasts, expenses, milestones and other reports for client and Coates corporate office
  • Trains employees and assures that they understand and carry out their assigned duties
  • Instructs personnel on safety procedures
  • Provides quality control check on title reports, legal descriptions, other documents associated with the project
  • Meets with client on a regular basis to report on project and answer questions, resolve issues, provide summary reports
  • Responsible for security of field office and files
  • Testifies as expert witness in court during condemnation and other legal actions
  • Liaison between client and Coates corporate management
  • Interviews, hires and fires field office personnel
  • Monitors staffing and adjusts personnel numbers in response to workload, budget and schedule
  • Audits project files at project end, assures accuracy and organization, transmits or transports files to client in requested format

Specialized knowledge/education required:

  • In-depth knowledge of all aspects of land and right of way acquisition
  • Ability to manage diverse personnel in demanding environments
  • Knowledge of turnkey project management, from initial activities such as ownership research through negotiations, acquisition, relocation, construction, damage settlement, condemnation
  • Professional training and education in law, real estate, petroleum land management, ethics, project management
  • Expertise in negotiations, conflict management, mediation
Field Right of Way Supervisors come from diverse professional backgrounds. Some come from private industry, such as Land Managers and Right of Way Managers employed by the oil and gas industry, electric companies, engineering firms and government agencies. These individuals have degrees in law, business administration, accounting and other fields, enhanced by years of working in the right of way/land profession, real estate, mortgage banking and related fields.

Field Right of Way Supervisors are charged with directing and managing the work of project field office staffs as well as doing a substantial amount of field work themselves. In addition to monitoring the processes, reports, documents, budgets, schedules and overall project progress, the Field Right of Way Supervisor contacts landowners, negotiates for land and right of way, settles damages, hires and fires employees and maintains regular communication between the client and the Coates corporate office. This is done in conjunction with managing day-to-day office operations and coordinating activities with subcontractors and other consultants. The Field Right of Way Supervisor must be able to work independently, accept responsibility for managing people as well as beginning, running and successfully completing large, complex acquisition projects on time, within budget and schedule constraints and with a minimum of problems and disruptions.
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