Relocation Specialist

Overview of Duties:

  • Makes initial contact with displacees, informs them of project and conducts initial interview to obtain needed information
  • Prepares Relocation Needs Assessment Plan after interviewing displacees
  • Delivers relocation brochure and intent to acquire notifications to displacees
  • Calculates replacement housing costs
  • Prepares and maintains individual relocation parcel files
  • Documents all contact with displacees
  • Delivers and executes relocation documents
  • Implements relocation assistance activities in compliance with state and federal guidelines
  • Establishes and maintains relationships with agencies, businesses and others who provide ancillary services to displacees
  • Prepares progress reports on relocation status
  • Maintains contact with displacees in order to assure that relocation processes are on schedule and convenient to displacees
  • Assures that information such as housing listings, maps, directories, moving costs, etc. are available to displacees
  • Assures that replacement housing payments and other payments are made on time and with proper documentation
  • Assures that all relocation records are intact and transferred to client upon project close
  • Arranges for personal property and outdoor sign moves
  • Coordinates activities with utility companies, demolition experts, others such as companies that specialize in moving industrial equipment, sensitive data, antiques, etc.
  • Assures that all relocation records are intact and transferred to client upon project

Specialized knowledge/education required:

  • Relocation classes sanctioned by the federal government, offered by the International Right of Way Association
  • Detailed knowledge of all aspects of the relocation process
  • Ability to describe and discuss technical details of the project
  • Knowledge of real estate law and processes such as appraisals, comparable housing costs, market research, commercial and residential moving expenses, personal property and outdoor sign issues, environmental impact, local regulations and guidelines impacting relocations
Relocation Specialists must have up-to-date knowledge of federal relocation guidelines and the regulations required by the relocating agency. Due to the nature and amount of interaction with displacees, it is imperative that Relocation Specialists have excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Due to the continuing changes and updates to federal guidelines associated with relocation, Relocation Specialists must attend courses offered by the International Right of Way Association and other approved entities on a regular basis. After completing a series of courses and actively working for several years as a Relocation Specialist, the International Right of Way Association provides these individuals with certification and designation that recognizes their commitment to their career

Relocation Specialists work with people under demanding and stressful conditions. They must be kind, patient, compassionate and professional as they lead the displaced residents, tenants and business owners through a complicated series of actions and paperwork that must be orchestrated in adherence to specific timeframes and deadlines
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