Title Supervisor

Overview of Duties:

The Title Supervisor must have all the abilities of the Abstractor/Title Specialist plus these additional capabilities and responsibilities
  • Directs and advises Coates title personnel on a daily, hands-on basis
  • Conducts meetings to track abstracting progress
  • Prepares progress reports for Coates management and client, usually generated from Microsoft Access
  • Reviews all documents and title work for accuracy and completeness
  • Reviews executed documents to assure accuracy of legal descriptions and that all documents are properly executed and notarized
  • Identify and cure title defects
  • Monitor personnel requirements to meet abstracting schedule
  • Prepare title related correspondence
  • Attends meetings with client and other consultants
  • Directs the activities of Title Specialists/Abstractors as to procedure, title standards, work product and curative work

Specialized knowledge/education required:

  • In-depth knowledge of processes related to title research and curative measures
  • Training conducted by authorized title company
  • Detailed knowledge of researching public and title company records
  • Ability to compile and prepare chains of title, make abstracts of title with summaries of all matters and instruments of record
  • Analysis of title data and reports
  • Interpret deeds, leases, court actions, probates, other documents impacting property ownership
  • Knowledge and understanding of the legal standards of title for each state in which the Abstractor/Title Specialist is performing ownership research
The Title Supervisor is responsible for all work related to abstracting and title research for the project. This includes examining all documents obtained by Abstractors/Title Specialists when they create parcel files and, depending on the circumstances, also includes overseeing preparation of documents required for acquisition. The Title Specialist must have extensive experience, preferably both in the field and as an employee or owner of a title company. This position also requires advanced and continuing education due to the changing laws and regulations imposed by federal and state entities. The Title Specialist provides quality control and expertise that are critical to the project’s success.

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